Privacy Policy

Your data is vey important, to the future expansion of

By existing you agree to the following

  1. All information about you is property of, including but limited to
    1. Hight
    2. weight
    3. SSN
    4. Yearly income
    5. Shoe size
    6. Number of fingers
    7. Etc
  2. has the right to do anything with your former information, including but limited to
    1. Sell
    2. Change
    3. Remove
    4. Rebrand
    5. Transfer
    6. Rent out
    7. Study
    8. Publish
  3. To opt out* of this policy, you must
    1. Invent a time machine**
    2. Travel back to before your birth
    3. Prevent your own birth

* Once obtains the ability to traverse time, you will no longer be able to opt out.

** You must invent a time machine before to successfully opt out.