• Cow #87’s Favorite Grass
    < 1 minute We asked one of our cows what their favorite grass is, here is what cow #87 had to say. Very interesting, subscribe to our RSS feed for exclusive posts from the cows.
  • Obsoleting Rocks
    < 1 minute We at are proud to announce, our first successful test of a nuclear cow. Here at we are always striving for a more efficient future. For the past year, we have powered our severs off of 100% cow produced methane. That changed last month.In July of 2022 we successfully brought online, the first […]
  • Designing a cow, to design a shirt
    < 1 minute We are very proud to announce, after many years of work. FartMail has created the first cow that can design merchandise. Cows are long, genetically speaking. Cow DNA is about three giga-base-pairs long. That’s about nine gigabytes of text. It has taken many years of work, but our genetic engineers have created a breed of […]