Obsoleting Rocks

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We at FartMail.me are proud to announce, our first successful test of a nuclear cow.

Here at FartMail.me we are always striving for a more efficient future. For the past year, we have powered our severs off of 100% cow produced methane. That changed last month.
In July of 2022 we successfully brought online, the first bovine nuclear reactor. Six months ago our team of genetic engineers created a naturally radioactive cow. One month ago, a radioactive cow generated electricity.

Our bovine reactor works very similarly to a normal nuclear reactor. Take a radioactive source, submerge it in water, use that source to boil some different water, and use the resulting steam to make power. Simple. We do have one small hurdle in our way.
The test only lasted a month, because the nuclear cows only have a shelf life of about a month.

Cancer, being the massive drag on life that it is.